Representative Cases & Testimonials

1.56 Million Settlement

Our firm's Maritime attorneys represented a tong operator who injured his shoulder while exercising on an offshore platform. Following the client's injury, he favored the injured shoulder while performing his job duties. Ultimately, he underwent two shoulder surgeries on his right shoulder and one on his left shoulder. After recovering from his shoulder surgeries, our client could not return to work offshore as a tong operator. Before trial, the parties mediated the case and settled for over $1.5 million.

$1.22 Million Settlement

Our firm's Lafayette Maritime Attorneys represented four men who were injured as a result of an excessive wake thrown by a crew boat. Specifically, a 150 foot crew boat was traveling at a high rate of speed in the Intracoastal canal and failed to slow down when passing our clients, who were anchored fishing along the rock jetties. The vessel pushed an excessive wake which impacted our client's fishing vessels and ejected all passengers. We proved that the vessel company and operator were negligent and the vessel company settled all four claims.

$984,000 Verdict

Our firm's Maritime and Jones Act attorney's represented an independent contractor who injured his back while being transported by a crew boat in the Gulf of Mexico. The client was required to undergo back surgery to repair a ruptured disc. Our Maritime and Jones Act Attorneys were able to convince the court that the Captain's operation of the vessel in rough seas was negligent and ultimately caused our client's injuries. Our client was sixty-seven years old at the time of his injury and due to his plan of work prior to the subject incident, he was awarded loss of earnings to age seventy-five. This issue was hotly contested as it was well over the recommendations of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

$662,000 Settlement

Our Firm's Maritime and Jones Act attorney's represented a Jones Act Seamen who fell while attempting to traverse a scaffold board positioned between two barges. Our client underwent a one level cervical fusion as a result of the injuries he sustained in the fall. Based on the testimony from the crew members aboard the vessel, as well as the evidence gained during litigation, the vessel contained one or more unseaworthy conditions at the time of our client's incident. As such, our Maritime and Jones Act Attorneys were able to convince the defendants to pay substantial amount of money to settle the case.

$600,000.00 Settlement

I represented a Hot-shot truck driver, who was delivering pipe to large construction site. Upon presenting to the job site, a forklift was used to offload the two metal pipes weighing approximately four hundred pounds. The forklift operator negligently attempted to offload the pipes in violation of multiple company safety policies. During the offloading process, the forklift operator lost control of the load and dropped two metal pipes, one of which struck my client in the head. Luckily, my client was wearing his hard hat, however, he sustained severe neck and back injuries.

$600,000 Settlement

An A/C Repair man was operating his company vehicle on his way to work when he was rear-ended by another vehicle. The offending vehicle alleged as a defense to the collision that his vehicle's brakes failed. After expert analysis and multiple depositions it was found that the vehicles brakes were functioning properly at the time of accident. Thereafter, I got the offending driver to admit that the cause of the collision was solely operator error. The insurance companies involved paid their policy limits. Additionally, I fought with Workmans Compensation to pay for my client's surgery. In the end, the client received the necessary medical treatment he needed and he walked away with a fair settlement.

$598,000 Verdict

Our firm Jones Act and Maritime attorneys represented a gentleman who was injured when the wake from a tug boat violently hit his vessel. The defendant, the United States of America, was the owner and operator of the largest tug boat in the United States. The tug boat captain was operating the vessel at an unsafe speed and created a large wake which went over the freeboard of our client's smaller tug boat. The wake impacted our client's vessel at the same time he was descending a flight of stairs to the engine room. The accident caused our client to suffer an injury to his back and elbow, requiring surgery to his elbow. Although the defense was initially confident in their case, our experienced maritime attorneys forced their expert to admit the tug boat was operating at an unsafe speed. After several days of trial, our attorneys were awarded with another plaintiff verdict in Federal Court.

$500,000 Settlement

Our firm represented a sixty-five year-old gentleman seriously in a motor vehicle accident, when he rear ended an eighteen wheeler on Interstate Highway 49. The accident occurred during a construction project, when the defendant violated its own safety manual regarding the placement of warning signs. The defendant initially offered nothing and argued that our client was 100% at fault for rear ending another vehicle. After performing extensive discovery, taking multiple depositions, and identifying the construction company's violations, the defendant paid $500,000 to settle the claim.

$500,000 Settlement

Our firm Jones Act and Maritime attorneys represented a gentleman who was injured when he slipped and fell on the deck of dredge. Our client was a Jones Act Seaman, who was performing work in the mission of the vessel at the time of his incident. The accident caused our client to suffer a back injury, requiring back surgery. Medical causation was an issue, due to a prior motor vehicle accident occurring one month before the fall.

$483,000 Verdict

I represented a 33 year old woman who was injured in a low-impact car accident. As a result of the accident, the client injured her neck and back. The defendant insurance company only offered her $13,000 after the accident. I tried the case to a twelve person jury and received a unanimous verdict for the aforementioned amount. This verdict was the largest jury verdict in that parish for a motor vehicle accident in almost ten years.

$400,000 Settlement

In a complicated product liability case, we represented a man injured following an explosion of a commercial sized gas compressor. Two weeks before trial, one defendant offered only $20,000 to settle the case, and the other defendant only offered $5,000 to settle the case. After rejecting those minimal offers, we took the case to trial and the defendant settled during trial for over $400,000.

$400,000 Settlement

I represented a 35 year old woman who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. This case occurred on three lane highway, wherein my client was in the left lane, the defendant driver was in the middle lane, and there was an alleged phantom vehicle in the right lane. The defendants focused on two things in an attempt to shift fault in the accident. First, the defense argued that my client was fault for failing to keep a proper lookout, and second, the defense argued a phantom vehicle caused the defendant driver to change lanes when he struck my client's vehicle. After taking mulitiple fact and expert depositions in the case, we were on the eve of trial when the defense offered the full value of the case.

$361,000 Settlement

Our firm's Maritime attorneys represented a gentleman who was injured during a personnel basket transfer in rough weather. While attempting to transfer from an oil rig to the deck of a boat, our client was injured when the crane operator allowed the basket to hit the deck of the boat too hard. Our Maritime attorneys convinced the company that owned the rig that the crane operator was at fault for the accident and was able to get a settlement of $361,000 for his injured back. One serious issue in the case was that the client had a prior back injury just fifteen minutes before the basket transfer accident occurred.

$360,000 Settlement

Our firm's auto accident attorneys represented a sixty-five (65) year-old gentleman who was injured when his truck was broad sided by another car in Houma, Louisiana. Although the client was already suffering from injuries caused by a previous accident, our firm convinced the opposing side that the accident aggravated a pre-existing ruptured disc in his lower back. After detailed medical testimony, the insurance company was unwilling to risk going to trial and paid our client $360,000 to settle the case. This is but one of thousands of auto accident victims our firm has won justice for.

$315,000 Settlement

Our client was rear ended by a vehicle, then the offending vehicle was rear ended by a third vehicle, which caused the offending vehicle to contact our client's vehicle a second time. Originally, the two offending vehicles would only offer $35,000 to resolve my client's claims. Accordingly, I filed a lawsuit and alleged bad faith adjusting practices due to the Insurance Companies' failure to adequately evaluate her claims. After working the case all the way up to three weeks before trial, the Insurance Companies finally paid my client a fair settlement. In the end, the defense attorney commented that he did not want to try this case given how I prepared the case for trial and got the defense doctor to agree with the recommended back surgery.

$275,000 Settlement

Our firm represented a seventy (70) year-old gentleman injured in a motor vehicle accident in Lafayette Parish. As a result of the accident, our client injured his lower back and received treatment for same. Ultimately, his treating orthopedic surgeon recommended a lumbar discectomy and fusion. Shortly thereafter, our attorneys deposed the orthopedic surgeon, who causally related the need for the surgery to the subject motor vehicle accident. Given the extent of the damages to the client and the fact that we locked in liability and medical causation, all insurance companies involved settled for the full amount of their policy limits.

$250,000 Settlement

Our firm's auto accident attorneys represented a gentleman who was injured when his truck was rear ended by another car. The client underwent more than a year of medical treatment, which included cervical epidural steroid injections and a radio frequency ablation procedure. After preparing the case for trial, the defendants settled for their full insurance policy limits.

$215,000 Settlement

Our firm represented a twenty-two year old college student involved in a motor vehicle accident in New Iberia, Louisiana. As a result of the subject accident, her vehicle was a total loss and she sustained a serious neck injury. After sending her to get the appropriate medical treatment for her injuries, we filed a lawsuit and took the defendant driver's deposition. In the deposition of the defendant driver, through aggressive questioning I got him to admit that he was 100% at fault, despite the aggressive objections from defense counsel. Thereafter, the defendants wanted to mediate the case, which we agreed to do. However, at mediation the defendants did not offer enough funds to adequately compensate my client. As such, I ended the mediation and prepared for trial. In less than a month later, the defendants paid 100% of what I determined to be her damages.

$457,500 Settlement

Our firm represented a 35 year old truck driver, who presented to a construction site to deliver concrete. Upon presenting to the construction site, our driver parked his truck and began the process of connecting the chutes to the rear of the cement truck. While in the process of connecting the 40 pound chutes, he stepped into a muddy water puddle, which looked like every other muddy water puddle on the job site. However, the puddle of water my client stepped into was not a puddle at all, it was a five foot deep by eight foot wide hole that was filled to the top with muddy water. There were no warnings or safeguards around the subject hole, and due to the muddy water there was no way for him to identify the depth of the hole. Having a unmarked hole of this size was a complete violation of the company’s safety manual as well as general safety on a job site. To make matters worse, several days before the subject incident other workers at the job site reported the dangerous hole to the superintendent, however, the superintendent did not do anything to remediate the dangerous hole. Each of the defendants in the case attempted to be dismissed from the case by filing Motions for Summary Judgment on the issue of liability, however, I won each motion and kept all of the defendants in the case. As a result of the incident, my client was required to undergo a lumbar surgery and was out of work for more than a year.


$300,000 Settlement

Our firm represented a forty-seven year old woman who was injured in a car accident. While traveling straight in her lane of travel, a Texas motorist driving a F-350 company vehicle attempted a left turn into the path of her vehicle. Due to the collision, my client’s cervical spine was seriously injured and she was required to seek treatment with an orthopaedic surgeon. Prior to the collision my client was already disabled due to other health issues. After locking in the testimony from the defendant driver and the investigating police officer, I filed a motion for summary judgment on the issue of liability and the defendants decided to settle the case.